Feb 14, 2023

Introducing eShare - a secure and hosted service delivery platform

Digital files generated by service providers who scan documents for their clients are typically delivered to clients using file transfer services, email, or transportable storage devices. While these offer viable delivery options, they are not ideal and do not facilitate sufficient audit and scrutiny over the services provided - tracking & auditing of the files delivered cannot be guaranteed beyond the initial export and receipt by the client.

From the client’s standpoint, once the digital files are received, access, use, and management of these files creates further issues – the digital files are typically saved on shared drives and folders which offer very little security and control – there is no audit on the these files, there is no further control over who accessed them, where they are held, changes made, copies, etc.. This poses significant risks for the client organisation in terms of compliance with data security and governance standards and guidelines.

Many small businesses and users that provide a variety of services that involve sending files to their clients will also benefit from a secure file transfer and sharing facility. There is a growing requirement to audit the delivery and subsequent access of the digital files. To address these issues CCube Solutions offers a secure and hosted service delivery platform – eShare -for sending the digital files and for clients to access these online for an agreed time period.


A hosted document delivery platform that is accessible independently of any IT system can deliver the following key requirements:

  • Secure hosted platform that is readily accessible using any device;
  • User authentication – the receiving party must be authenticated via a secure login;
  • Time-limited access to document – the user must be able to see all the digital documents and the access must be time limited, ie. access will be removed after the time limit;
  • Audit the delivery and subsequent access.

    The CCube document delivery platform meets the following high-level requirements:

  • Cloud-based facility for uploading/importing and sharing documents;
  • Web-based portal accessible using any device;
  • File Encryption options;
  • Connectivity via N3/HSCN;
  • Support sharing with external/public agencies;
  • Support multiple options for data exchange (upload and download), including use of established standards;
  • Time-limited access to uploaded documents;
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all activity;
  • Support basic access and viewing functionality – read only, read & download, etc.
  • Remove metadata and documents once downloaded or expired.

    New Feature

    For any organisation (“receiver”) that regularly receive or request files from one or more external agencies (“sender”), a new feature has been added to simply the process:

  • Receiver sends an email to any external agency, requesting files – the email will include a link to eShare;
  • Sender clicks on the link to upload and send files – no need for the sender to log-on or register on eShare, and no need to specify the receiver’s email address – the sender can optionally add metadata at the share level;
  • Receiver will receive an email with an encrypted link to the uploaded files;
  • Receiver can access and review files and (optionally) add metadata at the file level;
  • Receiver clicks on “Accept” to download and receive the files;
  • A number of plug-ins are in development, for saving the files received in a back-end repository, eg. shared drives, EDRM, SharePoint, etc.

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