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May 16 2017

Jack & Ted made it to Mauritius on Friday 12th May around 7am local time, after rowing 56 days and have smashed records!

They made it alive and well, smashing records. A great welcome, and congratulations to Jack & Ted!

The challenge called Doctors Adrift saw Ted and Jack try and become the fastest pair to make the crossing. They left Geraldton in Western Australia in mid March 2017 and made the journey after rowing for 56 days.

Ted and Jack have set themselves an ambitious target to raise £100,000 for Medicins San Frontieres. To pledge money to them so they achieve the £100,000 please click here. You can pledge any amount and it is, of course, gratefully received.

“Our focus is working in the NHS helping Trusts and Health Boards with their digital transformation initiatives through the implementation of EDMS, workflow and eForms software. When we heard about the Doctors Adrift challenge we wanted to give something back and help fund Ted and Jack do something truly amazing while raising funds for MSF who do such important and challenging work.”
Vijay Magon, Managing Director, CCube Solutions

Ocean rowing remains one of the toughest endurance tests known to man. Nearly 4,000 people have climbed Mount Everest, 536 have been to space yet just 20 rowing boats have ever crossed the Indian Ocean and only four were pairs. Ted and Jack have now become only the fifth to do so.

To watch a brief film about the trip, click here.